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Jan Meharry

Jan Latsha

Founder/Executive Directory
Mission Trip Coordinator

Jan moved to Kenya with her family in 1989.  During their time spent in Kenya she developed friendships among the Maasai community, leading to teaching literacy classes and sharing her faith in God. In 1998, Maasai Development Project (MDP) was registered as a non-profit organization both in the US and in Kenya.  After moving back to the states, Jan divided her time traveling between North Dakota where her family moved and Kenya to continue the work.  Now residing in Spokane, Washington, she continues working with MDP, to give hope to the community she has come to love.  Jan is the mother of  four wonderful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. jan.meharry* (509) 443-5666

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Lynette Zapara

Director of Sponsorships

When Lynette first visited Kenya with Jan in 2003, she left a large part of her heart there.  Immediately she wanted to know how she could be involved and volunteered time with Maasai Development Project (MDP).  At the time she was working full time as a nurse, however, she still found time to volunteer.  Now living in Deer Park with her husband, she is a full time volunteer for MDP not only as the Director of Sponsorships, but as Jan’s assistant as well.  Lynette is a mother of three sons and loves spending time with her three grandchildren. (509) 443-5666

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Ogoti Kenani

Administrator Kenya

Ogoti lives in Nairobi, Kenya and began working with Maasai Development Project (MDP) in 2004 as the Administrator.  Ogoti comes with much knowledge and expertise.  He has a heart for people which is evident in the love the children show him at the MDP Education Centre and the respect that he holds with the MDP Lay Pastors.  Ogoti is a well respected lawyer in Kenya, known for his honesty and integrity.  Ogoti and his wife have three children and one beautiful granddaughter. 254-722-715892